Our Mission


We are in it for the art and for the community.


All Young Bucks NFTs are made by hand, not computer generated.

That is to ensure the quality of each NFT, and to make sure all the themes, colours, and details, are up to our standards.


Our plan is to do continual small drops (25-100 NFTs) and grow our Young Buck community over time.


We do not plan on going anywhere, and we strongly believe in transparency and honesty.


It is also very easy to get in touch with us through our Twitter.

CNFT Holders Perks:

-Exclusive access to future drops

-Ability to vote on new rarities+add input

-Ability to customize your own Young Buck

Upcoming Drops-

October 12:

Young Bucks Collection 1

October ??:

Young Bucks Collection 2


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