Minting Instructions:

 **All buyers MUST be using a Cardano wallet (ie. Daedalus, Yoroi)**


If you want to buy multiple bucks, each transaction must be sent separately.

ie. If you want 2 Young Bucks from Tier 1 (25 ADA), DO NOT send 50 ADA. You must send 2 separate transactions of 25 ADA. If you send 50 ADA, you will receive a Tier 2 Young Buck (50 ADA)

-The Young Buck you get will be selected at random (within the Tier you choose), to ensure equal distribution of rarities.

Tier 1: 25 ADA (5 remain)

Tier 2: 50 ADA (9 remain)

Halloween Tier: 75 ADA (2 remain)

-Send according amount of ADA to the following address:


-Upon payment, your Young Buck will arrive in the same wallet the payment was sent from, within 24 hours.

-Tag us in your post when you tweet your new Young Buck! -- @youngbucksnft

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